Terms and Conditions of The Body Suite, Chichester.



  • By reading this document and signing up to our online booking system, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.
  • Please sign the waiver on the booking system programme.
  • All payments for classes must be made in advance. Pay as you Go, Monthly or Yearly.
  • Monthly accounts run for a minimum of 12 months. Unless cancelled the package will continue to run on after the 12 month period. Accounts cannot be cancelled until a years commitment has been completed. Unless you have a special arrangement or have purchased a special offer.
  • To pay monthly, credit card details will be added to our online membership system and will  be taken by Optimal Payments. This is a bound agreement with OP and direct debits will be taken directly from your bank account via OP.
  • We do not offer refunds or give advance credit.
  • The Body Suite has the right to remove and change special offers at any time.
  • Special Offers can not be extended in time, changed or refunded.
  • If you  wish to suspend an account you can do so for a small fee for a maximum period of 3 months. Your account will then continue from the reset date to complete the full 12 months set out from the start date. So the maximum time for the account will be 15 months.

Bookings and Cancellations

  • The Body Suite has the right to cancel and change classes at any time. 
  • The Body Suite has the right to change the class timetable accordingly. Due to class attendance, holidays, time of year and public holidays.
  • The Body Suite does not conduct business during public holidays.
  • In the event of illness or absence of the teacher you will be rescheduled or have a replacement. Credit may be also be extended at the discretion of the studio.
  • Cancellation policy applies to all. Cancellations must be made by phone, in person or via text at least 8 hours prior for mat classes and 24 hours for equipment and private sessions. Late cancellations will be charged at the price of the class. 
  • We DO NOT take cancellations via Email.
  • Lateness to class will result in a cancellation and you will be charged for accordingly. Unless you have a private session and your teacher is able to accommodate. 
  • The Body Suite  will open from Monday to Saturday and the studio will open and close at various times throughout the week. The Body Suite reserves the right to change times according to the teaching hours and the time of year. We are not open like a regular store.
  • We encourage you to know how to use our online booking system to make bookings and cancellations easier for yourself and obtain immediate service and confirmation of your bookings and cancellations that you have made.


  • By signing up to our online booking system you are supplying 'MindBody' with your personal details, email address and payment details. These details are not shared with any other parties outside of the Body Suite Ltd.
  • Personal details are only viewable by staff members for contact between you and The Body Suite.
  • Payment details are not viewable by The Body Suite or its staff. Payment details are secured by Paysafe and the MindBody programme.
  • You have control over your personal details supplied to The Body Suite and MindBody and can request to close your account, removal of payment details or disable your opt in selection any time within the agreement of any contract you may have taken with The Body Suite and MindBody.
  • By supplying your email address and clicking the opt in button you are requesting to be included in our email address list. You can cancel this at any time by clic unsubscribe.
  • You will receive emails relating to The Body Suite and the activities taking part at The Body Suite by outside parties.
  • We currently use Mail Chimp and they will not be supplied with your details for any marketing or form of contact for any other purpose.

Conduct and Studio Etiquette.

  • The Body Suite is a private members studio, providing a private service to its clients. All studio users must consider this when using the studio.
  • The entry of clients is restricted to members and members must not allow non members into the premises without recognition.
  • No aggression, verbal or physical behaviour, to staff or other clients will be tolerated. Any complaints should be taken up with the management, either verbally or in writing. Such conduct will forfeiture all fees paid to The Body Suite forthwith
  • Consideration needs to be taken for other clients in the studio.
  • Sticky socks must be worn for safety and hygiene as to not offend other studio users. Please ensure that any foot problems are covered by plasters or adequate medical dressings. You must check your feet regularly
  •  The Body Suite are not held responsible for loss or damage to personal property brought into the premises, so please do not leave any belongings in the changing room cubicles or else where unattended. 
  • All bags must be placed on hooks provided in the studio as a prevention against slips and falls.
  • The Body Suite has a ‘no shoe’ policy on all areas except reception and Gym shoes can be worn in the Gym area.
  • All mobile phones are to be switched off or on silent. 
  • All equipment must be used with care and must be supervised by a teacher/ practitioner. Any injuries caused by misuse of the equipment will not be the responsibility of The Body Suite.
  • Once you have used equipment please wipe down with spray and cloth provided.
  •  You must be aware that instructors are not medically qualified, if you require medical advice you must see the medical advisor on site or seek advise from your General Practitioner. On certain occasions you may require a doctors note. 
  • If you have injured yourself prior to attending the class you must inform your instructor. You will also need to fill out a health form at the time of application, which will be inserted into your file. 
  • Please update any medical changes to your file.
  • You must listen to your body. If you at all feel unwell or in pain you must advise your instructor or a member of staff IMMEDIATELY.
  •  If you injure yourself whilst in the studio you must report it to a member of staff.