This is a Classical Pilates Mat class using the classical formatted routine which is suitable for the given class on that day.

This class uses the necessary modifications for the classical exercises where needed, catering for each individual client in relation to injuries, postures and development stage. Suitable for all Levels




This class uses the Classical Pilates Mat with a contemporary approach, incorporating small props and balls to assist and deepen the work. 

Suitable for All Levels




Reformer on the Mat utilises the Reformer exercises and places them on the mat without extra resistance. This challenging workout is suitable for those of an established beginner and upwards.




A Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Practice is deep enquiry into the mind, body breath relationship. It is a soulful style of yoga that weaves the physical postures onto a thread of breath. Students are encouraged to work sensitively with their own resistance bringing a state of calm that conditions freedom in all aspects of the self. Physical ailments subside, the mind settles and the breath becomes a powerful tool for transformation.




A Ballet inspired workout to strengthen, sculpt and tone the body. We use a combination of barre, centre and mat work to help you improve strength, mobility and posture. Choreography is kept simple so that you can focus on working the muscles correctly in each movement. Suitable for all levels, from complete beginners to those with existing dance experience.




A lower impact of Ballet Fitness focusing on strength, stability and balance.




A fun and fabulous dance fitness class. Learn steps and styling from over 35 different international dance styles, including salsa, commercial, latin, ballroom and many more. A high energy and low impact exercise class designed to make dance fitness fun and accessible to all fitness levels.




Strong Bodies is a body conditioning class starting off with a warm up, strength based exercises, stretching and working with resistance bands with a core based section and flexibility section to cool down and finish. This class is suitable for the more mature client and those who are not used to exercise. All ages and abilities are welcome with an all inclusive approach.