Are you a Holistic Therapist or Body Worker?


We will be launching a new Therapy Room in September and we are seeking experienced and qualified therapists that can offer Massage, Body Work, Holistic Counselling, Therapeutic and Specialist Treatments and so on.

You will be responsible for your own bookings and daily business responsibilities, so you must be self employed.


If you feel you have something to bring to The Body Suite, you will need to fill out the form here with as much information as possible.

Closing date is Sunday 10th July.

We really look forward to hearing from you


Energy Work - with Angela Stojanovski


Energy Work is a Holistic Practice that activates the bodies subtle energy systems to remove blockages. By applying the hands over energetic body centres and clients breathing trough the blocks, the body will release the blockages and activate its natural ability in healing itself.


Adding Crystals, is a holistic vibrational energy based system charging the Energy Work. It is deeply relaxing as the crystals gently release their soothing energy so that our body gets an energy boost. The body is then able to find its equilibrium in a smoother and easier way enabling you to feel grounded.


Combining the power of the crystals and the flow of the universal energy. Our body gets the maximum energy boost in order to clear, balance and reactivate its vital energy centres.


Our energy centres can be blocked by sickness, trauma, stress and disruptions in our lives. Angelas beautiful space at The Body Suite and her professional knowledge and application of her work provides a relaxing and calm location for you to experience this type of Energy Work.


For bookings and more information on Angela and her wonderful treatments you can visit her website here 

Mediumship  - with Jo Townsend


Jo currently visits The Body Suite on a monthly basis for Mediumship readings.


Jo is a naturally gifted psychic clairvoyant-medium and wellbeing therapist, friendly and down to earth, she is easy to talk to and has been described as “like talking to my favourite aunt”. She gives you guidance and reassurance to help with your problems and any negativity in your life.

Jo has successfully helped clients for over 20 years. Feeling privileged to be able to work with her spirit guides and spirit, she loves talking for them and being able to tell people what they want them to know.


If you would like to book with Jo then click here to visit her website


Jo will next be at The Body Suite on 16th July for her Tapping Worksop. Go to her website or contact her directly to book.