Whilst attending classes at the studio we ask all clients to abide by our terms and conditions of use. It is important to read every detail to ensure use of the studio is not misunderstood and all clients remain happy and comfortable during their time at the studio. Our terms and conditions are to ensure your experience is a positive one and all clients are considered in regards to their health and safety.All these forms are available in the app and you would of signed these in order to use the app or book online.

These terms and conditions and waivers were last updated on 1st February 2022. Some of the information may repeat itself. 


Studio Waiver

 It is important to read our ongoing terms and conditions regarding your attendance at the studio and the use of Online Classes.


Sickness Notice


Do not exercise if you feel unwell.


Please do not enter the premises if you have any symptoms such as a temperature, sore throat, dry cough, flu-like symptoms or have been in contact with anyone who may have an upset stomach or diarrhea or vomiting.


please wash hands-on arrival 


use hand gel throughout your visit


Please do not attend class until 5 days after any inoculation, allow your body to rest and recover whether you have any symptoms or not.



Advanced bookings only


When taking Online Classes


You have the option to take a private class in order to help with understanding the work set in the class. 


You are responsible for your own body and the surroundings you practice in. You must make yourself visible to the teacher as much as possible and take queues from indirect or direct verbal instructions.


If you are attending a streaming class for a live session at the studio or another designated venue then you will be following the teacher leading the class, you will not be seen and corrected like a regular online class where the teacher is only watching the screen.




When booking Online classes please check your booking to be sure that you have selected the right class, online, streaming or in-house. All cancellation terms apply to all classes and appointments of a 24-hour notice.


**You must ensure that you switch on your notifications to receive all bookings and cancellation notices for online booking codes, correct times, correct dates, and in case your class is canceled.


Whilst all exercises and treatments offered by The Body Suite are inherently safe, we would advise the following. 


This form covers classes in-house on The Body Suite premises, outside classes and workshops also run by The Body Suite at other venues, and classes you take part in Online. 


Please ensure that you have declared all medical conditions that may have relevance to your ability to perform exercises and treatments offered by The Body Suite. If you have any doubts you should discuss them with us and consult a health professional or your doctor before proceeding. The Body Suite provides exercises based on the information you provide us and what we see in you as the client and we are not able to diagnose medical conditions or provide a cure. You may be required to provide a medical letter from your doctor or specialist.


The Directors and staff of The Body Suite assume that the information given by you is complete and accurate in so far as it is relevant to the various treatments offered by The Body Suite. It is the responsibility of the member or client to advise his or her trainer of any changes to a health condition that may affect their ability to carry out treatment or exercises, and The Body Suite cannot be held responsible for a member or client’s undeclared medical conditions that cause an unexpected injury.

Terms and Conditions




All payments for classes, services, and facilities must be made in advance.


Monthly accounts run for a minimum of 12 months. Unless stated otherwise. Monthly packages run on a rolling 12-month contract that is automatically renewed. In order to cancel your subscription, you must advise us, in writing, no later than 1 month prior to the end of the subscription.


One month's notice must be given in writing to cancel any accounting deal. The earliest date is at 11 months.

To pay monthly, debit or credit card details must be added to our online membership system. This is a bound agreement and direct debits will be taken directly from your bank account.


We do not offer refunds or give advance credit.


The Body Suite has the right to remove and change special offers at any time.


Bookings and Cancellations


When booking Online classes please check your booking to be sure that you have selected the right class, online, streaming or in-house. 


**You must ensure that you switch on your notifications to receive all bookings and cancellation notices for online booking codes, correct times, correct dates, and in case your class is canceled.


The Body Suite has the right to cancel and change classes at any time, as well as adding.


The Body Suite has the right to change the class timetable accordingly. Due to class attendance, holidays, time of year, and public holidays.


The Body Suite does not generally conduct business during public holidays.


In the event of illness or absence of the teacher, you will have a replacement teacher. If a replacement teacher cannot be found then you will be asked to reschedule.  


Cancellation policy applies to all. Cancellations must be made by phone, in person, or via text at least 24 hours prior to mat classes and private sessions. Late cancellations will be charged at the price of the class. 


We DO NOT take cancellations via Email. Please use the texting service.


Lateness to class could result in a cancellation and you will be charged accordingly. You may not be able to access the class due to disturbing the class or someone else taking your place. Please let us know if you are running late so we can try to accommodate. 


Please note we are not open during normal working or shopping hours. The Body Suite will open from Monday to Saturday, and the studio will open and close at various times throughout the week. The Body Suite reserves the right to change times according to the teaching hours and the time of year.


You are expected to know how to use our online booking system to make bookings and cancellations easier for yourself and obtain immediate service and confirmation of your bookings and cancellations that you have made.


Health (updated)


Please Read our Covid Policy in the Studio Waiver above.


Please wash your hands prior to class and use a hand sanitizer.

Do not come to the studio if you feel unwell. This includes colds, flu-like symptoms, stomach bugs, and sickness. If your children are sick, please refrain from bringing this into the studio.


Consideration needs to be taken for other clients in the studio. Keeping distance and cleaning of any Equipment used.


Please refrain from exercising and coming to the studio if you have had any vaccines, boosters, jabs or have been unwell. Please return when you feel well enough and please consider others. We request that you do not book any classes until 5 days after any vaccines, boosters or jabs. Your body needs time to recover. 


Please do not discuss your personal preferences in relation to the pandemic and the vaccine with other clients, as this may make others feel uncomfortable.


Conduct and Studio Etiquette.


Any complaints should be taken up with the management, either verbally or in writing to info@thebodysuite.co.uk


The Body Suite does not tolerate aggression, verbal or physical behaviour, to staff or other clients. Such conduct will forfeiture all fees paid to The Body Suite forthwith.


The Body Suite is not held responsible for loss or damage to personal property brought into the premises, so please do not leave any belongings in the changing room cubicles or elsewhere unattended. 


All bags must be placed on hooks provided in the studio as prevention against slips and falls.


The Body Suite has a ‘no shoe’ policy on all areas except reception.


This includes the dress code and personal hygiene as not to offend other clients and teachers.

You are expected to wear fresh clean socks with rubber bottoms. Please ensure that any foot problems are covered by plasters or adequate medical dressings. You must check your feet regularly.


You are expected to wear secure clothing. Underwear and suitable covering on your legs. We suggest men wear cycling shorts under short shorts or otherwise running pants. This is due to the nature of our work with our clients which can be manual and the nature of the movement we recommend.


All mobile phones are to be switched off or on silent. 


All equipment must be used with care and must be supervised by a teacher/ practitioner. Any injuries caused by misuse of the equipment will not be the responsibility of The Body Suite. If you are unsure of the setup of your equipment you must ask the trainer available in your class.


Although as trainers we have much in-depth knowledge on our subject, anatomical knowledge, and injuries, you must be aware that trainers are not 'medically' qualified if you require 'medical' advice you must see the 'medical' advisor on-site or seek advice from your General Practitioner. On certain occasions, you may require a doctor's note. 


If you have injured yourself prior to attending the class you must inform your trainer. You will also need to fill out a health form at the time of joining, which will be kept on file. 


Please update any medical changes to your file and notify us of any changes.


You must listen to your body. If you at all feel unwell or in pain you must advise your trainer or a member of staff IMMEDIATELY.


If you injure yourself whilst in the studio you must report it to a member of staff. 


By booking classes  at The Body Suite you agree to the Terms and Conditions of The Body Suite.