All our courses and workshops are designed for everybody, members and non members, and we welcome all who would like to take part.

If you are unable to see the dates you require please get in touch with us and we can advise of what we have coming up at The Body Suite venue.


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Introduction to the Feldenkrais Method - 'Flexible Mind, Flexible Spine'


The Feldenkrais Method is an approach that helps you move, rest and live in your body with greater ease and skill. Through Feldenkrais you become more flexible, strong, coordinated and comfortable, both in daily activities and specific artistic or sporting skills. Beyond this, the Feldenkrais approach to learning through movement helps you understand yourself at deeper levels, awakening your potential for optimal function in all areas of your life.

Feldenkrais is complimentary to Pilates and other forms of wellbeing movement, and allows the room for clients to attend for many reasons such as Chronic Pain, RSI, Neurological Conditions and those who want to stay mobile or develop new skills.


There are a limited number of Feldenkrais practitioners so we are very lucky to have Hannah at the studio.

If you wish to obtain more information of this workshop you can look up Hannah and her work at


Saturday 15th June 

10.30 - 1.30pm

Members and Non Members Welcome

Tea and Coffee included


Pilates for Runners


The Pilates for Runners Workshop includes the management of the body before and after running, looking at posture, stretching and the physical complications that come about with running. The workshop runs for 3 hours so come prepared to move.


Saturday 22nd June


Only 10 spaces available.


 The Bodeswell Academy Teacher Training Courses.


If you have interest in becoming a Pilates Teacher then get in touch with The Bodeswell Academy TM.

The Bodeswell Academy are an approved education company and their Pilates Teacher Training Courses are fully Accredited by the NCFE.


For all details on The Bodeswell Academy and courses please go to the website. If you have any questions then please get in touch with us or the academy.

The Bodeswell Academy will be here for 2019 once again with their Teacher Training Courses.

The Bodeswell Pilates Method - Classical Pilates Matwork Qualification Intensive and Studio Training starting in September.


Go to for all the details.

Calling all Pilates Teachers who would like to extend their knowledge with The Magic Circle and balls and bands.


3 hour workshops.


Saturday 5th October

10.30 - 1.30 and 2pm - 5pm


If you would like to book for this workshop, either get in touch or go to The Bodeswell Academy website.