Come join us on our first studio retreat day. We have 4 wonderful workshops for you to immerse yourself in, to leave you feeling nourished and educated and plenty to take home. All workshops will be taken by highly qualified teachers who have spent many years training and teaching in their field giving you expert professional coaching and education.

You can also take advantage of booking yourself a therapeutic Crystal Energy based Treatment with practitioner Angela Stojanovski, see below for details.


Date - To be Announced

Where - The Body Suite, 14015 East Street, Chichester

Time - 9.30am - 5.30pm

Spaces - 10

Included -  4 workshops, Equipment provided, Beverages and Snacks

Retreat Cost - £95 (early bird offer £85)

Treatment Cost - £20


Register your interest Here 


Breathe to Release with Ease 

with Monika


Your first session will be Breathe to Release with Ease. This session is designed to set you up for the day. Working on deep breathing techniques, working deep into the tissues releasing any stress from the body and easing the mind and resetting the nervous system. This will prepare your mind and body for the day, enabling you to absorb and nourish from within with what the day has in store.


Monika will take you through a full session on "Breathing Well", guiding you mentally and physically through the benefits and education behind breathing. Learn how to reset yourself and understand why and how, a nice take home gift you'll want to use time and time again.



Moving into Balance through Feldenkrais

with Hannah


Let Hannah guide you through your body to reconnect with the skeletal system. Using micro, rocking and circular movements Hannah will direct you to become aware of your movements, compare and encourage natural movement to release tension or stressed areas with little effort. All helping you to stand better, feel balanced and become more physically aware.


Feldenkrais has the ability to release your mind through less stress on the body, leaving you calm and balanced and moving and resting better.


Crystal Energy based Treatment

This is a 20 minute session with Angela Stojanovski. Angela is a key member of The Body Suite, and offers private Energy and Crystal based treatments.