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Private Pilates Sessions


We recommend at least 1 private session, as an assessment, prior to attending group classes. During your session we will be able to assess your movement and posture, discuss any injuries, provide some feedback and recommend your ongoing wellbeing plan.

We may also recommend some further private sessions if we feel you need to work on building some strength, flexibility or creating some balance in your body prior to moving into a group session, this is for your own safety against injuries and will be a valuable investment.

With a Private session we are able to tailor make the session to your needs being recovery after injury or surgery, prior to surgery, aliments, pre and post pregnancy or more advanced work for sports enthusiasts.


We have various time slots and its always best to book in advance. We are happy to find you a regular slot with your teacher. Please give us a call to discuss and assist with booking for Private sessions.

Pilates Mat Classes


Our Pilates Mat classes can be done Online or at the studio.


Classical Mat Classes - uses the classical format of traditional style Pilates. Building on the Pilates principles, and fundamentals for beginners and deepening the workout in our Intermediate sessions. Studio and Online classes available. 


Mindful Pilates - uses the traditional practices of Pilates with and slow Mindful approach yet a deep workout focusing on precision and connections through the body.


Fusion Pilates - uses the classical format whilst introducing props, such as balls, bands and weights. Suitable for all levels.

Pilates Reformer Classes


Our Pilates Reformer Classes run in a small group. 

Beginner Sessions are suitable for new clients and those who have not got onto a Reformer before.

Beginner sessions are a great way to get used to the exercises and the equipment as we will also be teaching you how to change the settings yourself as well as guiding you through the exercises and adjusting them in accordance with your body type, also considering pathologies.


Our Improver sessions are for those moving on from Beginner with some intermediate exercises to push the beginner boundaries.


Our Intermediate Classes are for those who have established the Beginners exercises, developed and evolved through the workout and are able to work at a faster pace.