All clients attending the studio for the first time are required to have 1-1 sessions before attending classes in the studio or on the mat.

It is essential to understand your body and the Pilates technique before a group class to get the most out of your classes and prevent injury. If you present yourself to us with injuries and physical challenges that may require rehabilitation will generally recommend that you proceed with your private sessions until you are strong enough and physically able to attend a group class safely.

We welcome all clients of all levels, shapes and sizes and physical challenges, so please come join us at our friendly studio, providing you with a professional service.



We offer our classes to members and non members, however please be aware we do not accept walk ins. You will need to register first.

Our Annual Membership fee provides you as a member with membership prices, use of our exclusive members suite and access to member special offers, bulk buys and discounts off workshops. 

Click here to become a member of our wonderful facility - Or alternatively, get in touch with us and we can arrange it for you.

 1-1 and 2-1  private Sessions


1-1 Non Member Session - £60

1-1 Member Session - £50

2-1 Member Session - £40 each

5 1-1 Sessions - £210

5x 2-1 Sessions - £175 each

10 1-1 Sessions - £400

10 x 2-1 Sessions - £325.00 each


All private sessions are with a teacher for 55 minutes in a working studio, providing an individual workout for the body type. Group Self Practice Classes can follow up, provide progression and be an addition to private sessions enabling the body to adapt and evolve in the Pilates technique.

Mat Class Prices


1 Non Member Single Class - £12

6 week Mat classes  - £60 - (valid for 6 weeks, 1 class a week) - Non Member

5 mat Classes - £50 (valid for 2 months) - Member

10 mat Classes - £95 (valid for 3 months) - Member

6 week Mat Classes - £50 (valid for 6 weeks, 1 class a week) -Members Only


Mat Classes are flexible apart from the 6 week option, please see the valid dates.

You can use your classes for all Pilates Mat and Ballet Classes on the timetable.

Equipment Self Practice


1  -   £22

4  -  £70 (valid for 2 months)

20  - £320 (valid for 6 months)

6   - £96 (valid for 6 weeks / 1 class a week)


To join an Equipment Self Practice Class there is a requirement to attend a minimum of 5 1-1 sessions. This is so you can be provided with a programme to do your own workout in a group environment.

You will be required to update your programme every so often with a 1-1 session.

Monthly Prices


5 mat Classes a month - £35

5 Self Practice a month - £60

5 mat and 5 Self Practice a month - £90


These packages are based on a minimum 12 months commitment.

All classes purchased for the month can roll over to the following month apart from the unlimited option.

Discount will not be provided for unused classes.

If you wish to purchase the monthly package please contact the studio or make your own purchase online.