Our newest contribution and connection is with Tree Sisters.

TreeSisters is an invitation to become a climate solution. They are here to help you contribute towards the wider cultural shift towards conscious ecological restoration as a primary human function, and to bring trees deeply into your life and business.

Tree Sisters also support women and call them into leadership, but they are not exclusive in either our planting or our campaigning - their work is for everyone, all genders are welcome here.


As a business we would like to donate through sales and donations from our members. If you would like to make a donation, you can read more at treesisters.org or click here to go to our Body Suite Tree Climb Donation page.



We make regular donations to the funkiest toilet paper company 'Who gives a Crap'.


All of their products are of environmentally friendly materials, and they donate 50% of the profits to help build toilets for those in need. To date they have donated just over $2.6m Aussie dollars (that’s the equivalent of just under £1,500,000!) to charity and saved a heck of a lot of trees, water and energy. Not bad for a toilet paper company, eh?

Sign up yourself - Who Gives a Crap

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