What is Feldenkrais?

The Feldenkrais Method is an approach that helps you move, rest and live in your body with greater ease and skill. Through Feldenkrais you become more flexible, strong, coordinated and comfortable, both in daily activities and specific artistic and sporting skills. Beyond this, the Feldenkrais approach to learning through movement helps you to understand yourself at deeper levels, awakening your potential for optimal function in all areas of your life.


Who is Feldenkrais for?

People come to Feldenkrais for many reasons

Chronic Pain, RSI, Preventing the loss of mobility in later years, Artists and Athletes wishing to develop skills, Neurological conditions such as MS, Stroke or Cerebral Palsy. Children with developmental delay and learning difficulties. Feldenkrais is for anybody interested in improving the way they move and learn. Hannah works with people of all ages in her practice from small babies to the elderly.


Hannah runs regular workshops at the studio covering different areas within Feldenkrais and a regular class on a Wednesday evening at 7.45pm.


For more information you can take a look at Hannahs website, contact her directly, or for bookings just got straight to our online booking system.





WORKSHOP Saturday 19th October 10.30-1pm


 Dynamic Stability from the ground up!


In this workshop we'll focus on releasing tension from our feet and finding the optimal movement in our ankles, knees and hips. We'll explore how our connection to the ground can provide whole body strength and stability, connecting ourselves through a mindful series of gentle movements.


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