Our New Price List will be live from the 27th July or from the switch over, whichever comes first. You are welcome to download the new App now but your account will be transferred into the new system so please do not go in and make yourself a new account or you may loose your current classes.


If you are currently on a package, you be required to download the App or go online and reapply your card details when we have made the switch. This will also give you the opportunity to change your selection of what and how you would like to pay.


You can download the App by going to your store and downloading the orange Glofox App, ready for launch day!


You will notice that some of the prices have changed and also some have more flexible terms of use.

Please check prior to purchase that you can complete all your chosen classes in the timeframe given before the expiry date. No expiry dates can or will be extended, and with this in mind we have considered the structure of our new prices.

You must have credit in order to book your classes. 

You will not be expected to buy a membership fee, however if you select monthly packages you may be eligible for discounts on other purchases and special offers.


By signing up to our booking system you must read the terms and conditions, health waiver, cancellation terms and confirm your GDPR status. If you want to get the most up to date information then please ensure you opt in.


Please take note of our dress code so not to offend other members.



All Private Classes can be booked up to 6 months in advance and Mat Classes can be booked up to 8 weeks in advance.

Please note the 24 hour cancellation policy still applies.


We will be piloting some new classes over the next 8 -12 weeks and we would love to have your feedback, please keep an eye out for these under 'PopUp' Classes. Some of these will be free to current clients and some will be chargeable.




Private Classes - in the studio with a Trainer.


1 Private session  - £50 - valid for 2 months or at time of booking.

5 Private sessions - £210 - valid for 2 months

10 Private sessions - £400 - valid for 9 months


Mat Classes - includes all regular group classes in the Matwork Studio


1 Class - £12 - valid at time of booking

6 Mat Pack - £57 - valid for 3 months


Studio Group Classes - includes Reformer Classes and Studio Self Practice Sessions


1 Class - £22 - Valid at time of purchase

4 Studio Pilates Pack - £72 - valid for 2 months

20 Studio Pilates Pack - £320 - valid for 6 months


Monthly Packages - All monthly packages allow for 1 a week of the selected class or classes, all contracts are calculated for 12 months. You be allocated the selected number of sessions according to how many weeks in the month.


Mat Class - £37 - 1 a week

Studio Pilates - £65 - 1 a week

Combo Package - £95 - 1 Mat and 1 Studio a week.

Unlimited Mat Classes - £80 - Monthly - Trial basis for 3 months, maximum of 3 month commitment.