Meditation with Mary-Ann Robinson


My meditation journey began about 7-8 years ago when i was referred to Mindfulness Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for stress and anxiety management.


From there, I started meditation using an app which helped to soften my body and calm my mind. With practice and patience my sleep improved and I became more alert, focused, refreshed and better able to cope with the day ahead. Meditation also enabled me to identify anxiety triggers, which subsequently provided a more effective response to these triggers.


My curiosity to develop meditation my meditation experience was born and I embarked Meditation Teacher Training with the British School of Meditation. This exposed me to a variety of modern and traditional techniques, of which Yoga Nidra has become part of my personal self care practice. It is truly nourishing and my favourite technique to teach.


Now I am passionate to share the wonderful benefits of mindfulness and Yoga Nidra at The Body Suite.


My other interests are Rugby, getting out and about in nature, and making artisan jewellery using techniques such as Chainmaile and Kumihimo.


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