March Matness Event

Join us for the global Pilates event of 'March Matness'


Get ready for the 1st of March where we will be offering 2 great offers to new and current clients

1- Unlimited Matwork Classes at a discounted rate and one off payment of £45 (normally £80 a month)


2- private sessions of 3 sessions for £99.


Terms of use;

Limited availability, 20 offers of each. 

All sessions must be used during and by the end of March 2020 - (1st - 31st March)

No refunds or extensions for classes unused. Classes cannot be booked until the 1st of March.

Both offers can be purchased prior to the 1st of March, however classes cannot be used before that time.

Only 1 purchase of each offer per person.

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Feldenkrais Workshop for Healing and Mobility

with Hannah Wheeler


Saturday 7th March

10.30 - 1pm



at The Body Suite Chichester


Join Hannah for yet another wonderful workshop of micro movements and self healing, improving posture and mobility. Complimenting Pilates and other forms of Mind and Body programmes and addressing injuries, trauma and long term challenges.

You can also view Hannahs website


Feldenkrais Workshop

Feldenkrais workshop for Saturday 2nd March 2020. 

Check out Hannahs website for more details at


  • Available

 American Style Tribal Belly Dance

- with Ana Winson 


Come join Ana for the Belly Dance Workshop 

1pm - 4pm - Saturday 21st March

£30 - at The Body Suite in Chichester - All welcome, suitable for all levels.


This fun workshop is open to anybody over 16 years old, willing to learn, regardless of age, gender or size. If you have special needs that you need to discuss,

please contact Ana at


Traditionally, belly dance is performed barefoot. This workshop teaches the basic steps and movements involved and builds on the movement and expression. This is a fun and social class and there will be a break for refreshments. Book Online or give us a call on 01243 774333.

Belly Dancing Workshop Saturday 21st March

Introductory Workshop


The Bodeswell Academy Classical Matwork Teacher Training Programme

Starting Saturday 5th September for 5 weekends.


This is a Level 3 Authentic Pilates Teacher Training Programme for new Pilates teachers or we welcome those who would like to bridge to Authentic/ Classical Method of Teaching.

Limited Spaces

Get in touch with the academy to book or check out their website

MELT 6 Week Programme


The MELT 6 Week Programme starts at The Body Suite on


Get in touch with Donna to book on 



This programme has limited availability ....


'REST FEST' Presentation on The Pelvis and your Posture

with Dee Bodle


Come join Dee at 'Rest Fest' at Avisford Park

on 15th March 2020


You can get your tickets via the link below


Pelvic Workshops to follow.