Dee - Studio Director


I have been teaching fitness since 1998 and started my Pilates career in 2001.

I originally began my movement career with Professional Dance background attending the Brit School at the age of 16 and then the Brian Rogers Performers College. I sadly had to cut my time short at college due to a spine condition scoliosis and whiplash, from a car accident, and I became desperate to look for ways to relieve the constant pain I was in which was debilitating my wellbeing. Whilst trying to stay fit and strong, by teaching Aerobics and Dance I was introduced to Mat and Studio Pilates and never looked back.

I have trained with top world renowned Pilates trainers and Elders in both Classical and Contemporary Pilates and travelled to Europe and the USA to extend my knowledge and training. I also have a strong interest and have gained much knowledge in wellbeing and the ethics behind my teachings of Mind and Body reflect an all round body experience. 

I opened The Body Suite doors in 2007, offering Equipment based classes and Private sessions and a timetable of Classical Pilates on the Mat. Four years ago I launched The Bodeswell AcademyTM, with my partner, training Pilates teachers in Authentic style Pilates teaching method, as close as possible to Joseph Pilates original form of teaching. It is important to understand the body, the client and deliver the work in the best way possible.

Having posture related pain, injury and a spine condition myself this enables me to empathise and understand what is required to guide someone in the right direction and provide them with the individual programme they require. Passing on the education to clients on how they can help themselves, alleviate pain, improve shape and posture and look after their own wellbeing through exercise. Pilates and Wellbeing is for everybody, so everyone is welcome to The Body Suite



Rafael - Studio Director


Rafael comes from a long extensive sports background. Before his Pilates career he played semi professional football and coaching with teams in the UK and Portugal.


Rafael trained with Authentic Pilates Teacher Training brand "Uno Pilates Method' in Portugal with Miguel Silva and Fabien Meneghon.

He has worked extensively in Pilates rehabilitation in Portugal working with clients who have had serious injuries from near fatal accidents.


Rafael is a Pilates Educator, teaching Authentic style Pilates with The Bodeswell AcademyTM on the Mat and Comprehensively, which includes Reformer and the rest of a full Pilates studio set up.


His work at The Body Suite is leading the staff, staff training and teaching private clients.


Rafael works intensely with rehabilitation clients at the studio with a 3-4 session a week programme, directly or with another team member of the studio with his guidance. Private Sessions with Rafael are bookable by contacting the studio or Online via the Glofox App. 


Elizabeth - Pilates


Elizabeth originates from an extensive Ballet and Contemporary dance background and performed for many companies and danced in the West End.

She has trained with the Pilates Foundation and has been one of our longest standing teachers at the studio, bringing many of her own clients and filling classes.

Prior to her arrival she has previously worked in London at the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Club teaching Mat Pilates.

Elizabeth also still travels to London on a weekly basis to full-fill her role as a choreographer for top professional dance companies and directors.


Elizabeths approach to Pilates is Mindful, working with small movements at a slow pace but you'll certainly know you have done a class. Elizabeths Mindful Pilates on the Mat and Private Classes run every Thursday and Saturday here at The Body Suite. 



Nadine - Pilates


Nadine's previous career as a professional Ballet dancer led her to finding her career in Pilates after injuries and looking for recovery. 


She is a strong member of The Body Suite team and is qualified through The Bodeswell AcademyTM on Mat and Studio Equipment. She also assists in teacher training.  

As well as teaching private classes and group sessions, Nadine looks after members and the running of the studio as the The Body Suite host.

Nadine is available for Private Sessions in our Pilates Studio along with Reformer and Mat classes through the Glofox App.




Annabelle has worked at the studio since 2017 after qualifying with The Bodeswell AcademyTM and has built a large following of dedicated clients with her Mat Classes and Private Studio Sessions.


Annabelle works in education and has also worked as part of The Bodeswell AcademyTM with official admin and the running of the academy..


Annabelle teaches Private Sessions and Mat classes including our Online sessions which have been most popular over the lockdown periods. Her Private sessions are available on Mondays in the studio and her Mat classes run on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.


To get booked in with Annabelle, go to the Glofox Booking system 



Ruth - Pilates


Ruth has been a long standing teacher at The Body Suite and her classes have always been popular due to her friendly and fun approach to teaching..

Ruth loves walking her 2 dogs every day and is a women's game fishing champion, multiple times in the Caribbean.


Her classes mainly consist of working with small props works as she enjoys spicing up her classes with something a little diffrent from just using the Mat. 


Ruth is available for Private Classes at the studio on a Wednesday. 

Classes are booked via the booking system or by contacting the studio.




Stephanie - Pilates


Stephanie hs been working with The Body Suite teaching Private clients and Mat Classes since qualifying with The Bodeswell AcademyTM.


Stephanie teaches for The Body Suite in Hayling Island at Seacourt Tennis Club, teaching Mat Classes 3 times a week.


She also works at The Body Suite in Chichester on Wednesdays and Fridays teaching Private Pilates clients.