Welcome to The body suite

Dee - Studio Director


Dee has been teaching fitness since 1998 and started her Pilates career in 2001.

She comes from a Dance background attending the Brit School at the age of 16 and then the Brian Rogers Performers College. Leaving college due to the spine condition scoliosis and whiplash, from a car accident, she became desperate to look for ways to relieve the constant pain. Whilst trying to stay fit and strong by teaching Aerobics and Dance she was introduced to Mat and Studio Pilates and never looked back.

Dee has trained with top world renowned Pilates trainers and Elders in both Classical and Contemporary Pilates and travels to Europe and the USA to extend her knowledge and training.

Dee opened The Body Suite in 2007, offering Equipment based classes and Private sessions and a timetable of Classical Pilates on the Mat.

Having posture related pain, injury and a spine condition herself this enables Dee to empathise and understand what is required to guide someone in the right direction and provide them with the individual programme they require. Passing on the education to clients on how they can help themselves, alleviate pain, improve shape and posture and look after their well being through exercise rounds up Dee's dedication to her work. 


The Bodeswell Academy is Dee's most recent adventure with her partner Rafael Gomes, with their Pilates Teacher Training, The Bodeswell Academy.


Rafael - Studio Director


Rafael comes from a long history of sports from football to athletics, kick boxing, swimming and surfing. He has played football at professional and semi professional level, leading him to become a coach, working with professional football teams in Portugal and the UK.

Following his array of Fitness Teacher training programmes, he worked teaching many fitness classes and working as a Life Guard in Wales and on the shores at Porto in Portugal.  


Branching from his extensive fitness knowledge and teaching skills, he then trained with Uno Pilates Method in Portugal with top well renowned teachers and elders, in their Authentic Pilates Programme, from the Romana strand.  

Shortly after training Rafael opened his own Pilates studio and worked in a rehabilitation clinic on clients with injuries, some serious, and those going into or recovering from operations. 


Rafael's arrival in the UK in 2016 began with a blossoming position at The Body Suite with a very large portfolio of clients and his leadership in staff training.

He is head teacher at The Bodeswell Academy for the Pilates Teacher Training programmes.

Elizabeth - Pilates


Elizabeth originates from a Ballet and Contemporary dance background. She trained with the Pilates Foundation and moved to the area 5 years ago from teaching in London at the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Club. She also works as a choreographer for professional dance companies in London in many dance styles.


Elizabeth teaches Mindful Pilates on the Mat and Private Classes here at The Body Suite. 


Her classes are...

Thursday 6.30pm Pilates on the Mat

Saturday 9.30am Pilates on the Mat


Elizabeth also is here teaching private sessions on a Thursday afternoon and a Saturday. If you would like to book a private session with Elizabeth please contact the studio.



Nadine - Pilates


Nadine's previous career as a professional Ballet dancer lead her to finding her career in Pilates. 

She is a strong member of The Body Suite team and is qualified through The Bodeswell Academy, following extensive hours of study and training in the Authentic Style of teaching Pilates.


As well as teaching private classes and group sessions, Nadine looks after members and running the studio as the studio host.


Ruth - Pilates


Ruth works with the Classical Mat and incorporates her work with additional small props such as the Magic Circle, Balls and stretch bands.




Ruth is currently available for Private Mat sessions and her regular class runs every Wednesday at 1.15pm.