Our Clinics

At The Body Suite we have highly educated and experienced staff for our specialist clinics.



We have many clients attending the studio who require something that little extra due to injury, severe back pain, pre and post surgery.

With our highly trained and experienced educated professionals we are able to assist these clients back to health with an intense programme in the studio.

Such problems as bulging or herniated disc, severe sciatica and back pain, debilitating knee pain, post surgical rehabilitation,  hyper mobility, joint dislocation, scoliosis, whip lash, neck and shoulder injury, pre and post back surgery and much more...


All rehabilitation clients will be requested to find 3-4 slots per week for up to 4 weeks to get into the body for the healing through physical memory and adjustment, this level of intensity depends on the clients injuries and individual requirements.

If you wish to discuss an intensive Rehabilitation programme with us then please get in touch to make an appointment and come in and talk to us personally to discuss.

Please email us...





 Our in house Sports Therapy clinic is run by Katie Tabner.

Katie has been working from the studio for a few years now.


Her work has been extremely complimentary to the Pilates Studio working with massage and therapy helping many clients recover from injury and physically stressed areas of the body.

If you would like to book in with Katie you can contact through her own website.




There is a diverse need for the understanding and management of womens health and here at The Body Suite our private clinics are on a 1-1 basis and occasionally in a small group class.

The woman's body and its needs in regards to exercise and wellness are much yet to be discussed, but from what we know so far women health can be more understood when we are educated and pointed in the right direction, not only from physical and postural correction, but as well as from learning from each other.

If you wish to join our Womens Wellness clinic and tap on the door of some complication you are having such as, pelvic floor dysfunction, a gap in your belly after carrying a child, cesarean, pelvic pain, bladder weakness, posture related pain, pelvic cramps and lower back pain then please get in touch and book an appointment to see Dee at the studio.



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