Welcome to The Body Suite


Due to the CV19 lockdown we have had to adapt our business in order to retain our place in the high street.


We are currently reviewing our active business set up in order to reopen our doors to physical clients, ensuring that our practices are safe and all clients remain safe and feel confident during their experience at The Body Suite.


We are only running Mat Classes Online, unless you have your own equipemnt at home and would like to arrange a private session with direction from us.


If you are not yet taking online classes with us then we request you send us an email so we can assist you, get you set up online, explain how it works and discuss any injuries you may have and recommend the best classes for you to take advantage of. - info@thebodysuite.co.uk


Below we have a protocol if you are ok with setting yourself up.


We will keep you updated with our plans for reopening and we welcome any suggestions from clients to help us make you all feel comfortable and enjoy your classes again at the studio.

How to start Online Pilates classes with us at The Body Suite.


We would like to confirm that the studio will now be running from Online services only, we are not closed for business.


We will be following the previous announcement below in regards to everyones classes and package and what we can offer. If you are unsure of anything please text 07887502111 or email us at info@thebodysuite.co.uk. Please do not call the landline.


From Monday 23rd March all our classes will run online.

All classes can be booked 2 weeks in advance and this is how it will work.


Before making any bookings please make sure you have the following;


A -correct details on your account. It is very important that yu will recieve an email containing the confirmation and the class invite link for you to join.

B- A camera on your computer, laptop or Pad/ tablet. You can use your phone, it might just be a bit small to see.

You can use Zoom in your web browser or if you are using an application then you need to download the Zoom App (zoom us).


How to...


1- Please book your classes as usual. Clients from all our venues can use our online system to book online classes. 


2- If you manage to hit a waitlist please do not worry. We will work with the demand, and its a case of figuring out what works and what doesn't.


3- You will receive the regular email of confirmation of your booking with a link to click into zoom and you may also receive a link on the day but not everytime. 


4- At the time of your class you will need to click onto the link. This will either open in your web browser or open the application on your laptop or pad/ tablet.


5- When accessing the class you may be asked to switch on your camera and microphone, please make sure you allow this.


6-When you are in you may have to wait to be admitted to the class so please be patient.


7- During the session you will be able to hear and see the teacher. The teacher may switch your microphone on and off. This is because when others speak the camera switches to the other clients. Switching off the mic makes it easier for the clients to see the teacher.


Please note all classes are for 45 minutes, however we have allowed an hour in order to get everyone into the session and close down before the next session starts. Please be on time in order for your session to start on time, as some teachers are working from home and we are not all working from the same computer.


We will continue working this way until the time is suitable to switch back to physical sessions.

Please let us know if you are having trouble booking.


Once again Thank you for all your support so far, you've all been amazing.


Dee, Rafael and All at The Body Suite.



After a client bought a mat off Ebay and had an allergic reaction then i would like to recommened you buy from a trusted distributor which have legitimate products that are not made from nasty chemicals.

If you are looking to update or purchase some decent home Pilates equipment then you can buy local from Physique which are based in Havant. Click through on the banner below and it will go straight to their website. They also have other products you might be interested in such as creams, heel lifts, hand weights, balls and bands.

Our Sister company 'The Bodeswell AcademyTM' will be continuing to run Teacher Training programmes that are due to start in September 2020.


These programmes are being carefully devised and we currently predict that 40-60% of initial Level 3 Classical Matwork  course maybe run online.


The Bodeswell Academy has launched 2 new courses enabling those who already teach to study with us in Classical/ Authentic Pilates and continue on to train in teaching in the studio on equipment.


If you are looking for a career change or would like to add to your skill set then please get in touch with us at dee@thebodeswell.com. 


We would love to hear from you.