Are you looking for something new and fun to educate your body with? Bored of regular exercise? Have you thought of doing Belly Dancing? You probably haven't so why not give it a go.

Belly Dancing workshop/course

 Sunday 17th July 2-4pm


Bookable via our Glofox booking app above. 

Or get in touch to book. 


Our first retreat will take place Sunday 31st July. 


If you are interested then Click here to check out our retreat schedule and bookings.


Pilates is for Everybody, so if you have a Body you can do Pilates.


Check out our Pilates Privates sessions for those who need so individual attention whether its a Bad Back you are dealing with or a Hip Replacement, Knee Replacement, pre or post surgery, inflexibility or instability from hyper mobility, if you need to build strength or even struggle to climb the stairs we have something for everybody.


Get in touch with us to have a chat and book on 07887502111. or you can email for further information on

Our Pilates Teacher Training Academy is linked to The Body Suite.


The Bodeswell Academy has been running since 2017. 

The Academy runs courses and workshops for Teachers, experienced and new.


To check out the latest timetable click here and view their website.